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Our Program

Charter Oak Recovery Center (RTC) is licensed by the California State Department of Health Care Services. The RTC features private rooms and is located adjacent to Aurora Charter Oak Hospital in Covina, California. It offers a highly-structured, 

Charter Oak RTC Logoevidence-based treatment program, often referred to as "rehab," for adult men and women with alcohol or other substance use problems. Our program follows the Society of Addiction Medicine (ASAM) criteria and the 12-Step model of recovery. It is designed for individuals who have recently received care in a hospital setting, or who need a more structured environment than outpatient care. Please note that medical detoxification services ("detox"), if needed, are provided at Aurora Charter Oak Hospital prior to admission to Charter Oak Recovery Center. 

The RTC opened in February of 2007 and is limited to no more than twelve participants at one time. Our alcohol and drug rehab program in Covina is contracted with most major PPO and other health insurance plans, including Kaiser. Unfortunately, Medi-Cal and Medicare do not cover this program. Self-pay arrangements can be made. To learn more about Charter Oak Recovery Center, please call the Charter Oak Assessment Center 877-674-7781, available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. During regular business hours, you may also contact Robin McGeough, Director of the RTC, at 626-966-1632, ext. 2015.  

Charter Oak Recovery Center with Sign and Patient Room

Each person is seen as a unique individual with special needs and unique life circumstances; therefore, the treatment plan for each person accepted to the RTC is unique. Charter Oak Recovery Center offers a comprehensive range of services not always available at other programs. These include: individual treatment planning and therapy, emotional process groups, family involvement, sponsor network, medical supervision, psychiatry services, educational workshops, on-site 12-step meetings and studies, relapse prevention education, discharge planning, random drug testing, return to work planning, a dynamic Lecture Series, private gym membership, step-down to our Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP) or Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP), and free aftercare groups for one year.

In the recovery community, humanness is defined as the understanding and acceptance of the frailties and weaknesses associated with oneself as an imperfect being.  Active alcoholism and addiction blinds an individual from seeing the destructive characteristics of humanness that we all possess. The defense mechanisms that protect a chemically dependent individual from the reality of their suffering are denial, resistance, impulsivity, dishonesty, frustration, resentment, insecurity and fear. Acceptance of one's humanness of weakness and imperfections allows oneself to break down the wall of denial and ultimately leads to recovery.

-Robin McGeough, Director of Chemical Dependency Services and Charter Oak Recovery Center Robin McGeough - Director Charter Oak Chemical Dependency Services

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Licensed by the State Department of Health Care Services dhcs.ca.gov 

Charter Oak Recovery Center License and Certification # 190551AP / Exp. Date: 11/30/2022  



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