March 10, 2015 

Hi, I’m Sandra Stewart, the Community Liaison for Aurora Charter Oak Hospital and the Charter Oak Recovery Center, located in Covina, California. I've been working at Aurora Charter Oak for almost two years now, and I would love to get some feedback on my posts to this periodic blog. You can reach me at

My job takes me all over Southern California, reaching out to healthcare professionals and meeting people from all different occupations. As we know, addiction plays no favorites, and neither does mental illness. A lot of times, individuals who are referred to Charter Oak will have both conditions, known as dual diagnosis. What warms my heart is that here at Aurora Charter Oak we get the opportunity to assist those that are seeking help for one, two or multiple diagnoses. 

I've discovered that although many healthcare professionals and the general community have heard about Charter Oak Hospital, they are less familiar with the Charter Oak Recovery Center. The Charter Oak Recovery Center is a 12-bed residential rehab facility, also known as a Residential Treatment Center (RTC). The RTC is situated in a quiet residential area and is off the beaten track, which gives our guests a true feeling of privacy, especially since each resident has their own private room. We assist our residents in finding a solid foundation of recovery to build on, so that they can move ahead with a fresh outlook, with people and programs who are always there for them to turn to. We are able to offer years of experience, strength and hope that our staff brings to every group and individual meeting. Graduates of the RTC program often chose to become active alumni and continue to support others in their recovery.

This is the joy and message I take with me into the field. It’s heartwarming to be able to share what we have here at Aurora Charter Oak Hospital and the RTC. I encourage you to contact me with any questions you might have, or to set an appointment to come tour our campus. Thank you for letting me share, and I’ll talk to you in a couple of weeks!