Art Sale in Los Angeles to Benefit Run4Recovery 2021

DOVE BISCUIT STUDIO will present an art sale on Saturday, August 14 from 2-7 pm, with proceeds going to Run4Recovery. Run4Recovery is an annual fundraiser that benefits men women in recovery from alcohol and drug abuse. Curated by Robin McGeough and Stephen Holman, this special exhibition will be on view in the open art space on the Mezzanine Level at The Last Bookstore, next to the Dove Biscuit Studio Gallery itself. The address is 453 S. Spring St., Los Angeles, CA 90013. For more information, call Robin at 626-214-2015.

Run4Recovery Art Show Flyer

Celebrating Hospital and Nurses Week at Aurora Charter Oak Hospital
 *Employee of the Month Announced*

Thanking all of our hardworking employees as we recognize our May Employee of the month, and celebrate Hospital Week and...

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Covina Mayor Visits Aurora Charter Oak Hospital 

April 21, 2021 

Thank you Mayor Marquez of Covina for stopping by Aurora Charter Oak Hospital this afternoon! We enjoyed sharing some...

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CARES Outpatient Program Offered On-Campus and via Zoom  

Aurora Charter Oak offers outpatient treatment for adults seeking help with a mental health or substance use problem. During the current COVID-19 situation, our CARES on-campus program remains open, but we are limiting group size and following mask-wearing, social distancing, and proper hand hygiene procedures. We have added telehealth (Zoom) options for both mental health and chemical dependency treatment. Breakfast, lunch, snacks, and free transportation are provided for clients attending on-campus. Medicare and most private insurance plans offer coverage for outpatient programs, whether in-person or via telehealth. 

If you would like additional information, please call Shawna (Patient Liaison) at 626-859-5269 or Genie (Program Director) at 626-859-5226.


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Run4Recovery 2020

October 24, 2020
Welcome Home Robin McGeough! 

This morning the Run4Recovery team rode through Covina to Puente House, the final destination of their 1124-mile...

Posted by Aurora Charter Oak Hospital & Recovery Center on Saturday, October 24, 2020

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Cyclists Fundraising for Substance Abuse Recovery Make Stop in Bakersfield



Run4Recovery arriving in Bakersfield Bakersfield Behavioral Healthcare Hospital staff lined the street to welcome Lindsey Crowley and Norman Fujimoto as the cyclists made their way into Bakersfield on Wednesday. Their ride started in Portland, Oregon and will end in Covina, totaling over 1,100 miles.  Robin McGeough and his team of cyclists, Lindsey Crowley and Norman Fujimoto, gathered for a photograph with Cornelio Gutierrez Lozano, Esther Ornelas, Stephanie Garay and Olivia Madrid in front of the Bakersfield Behavioral Healthcare Hospital on Wednesday afternoon.  

Run4Recovery at Bakersfield Behavioral Healthcare Hospital - 102120

Bakersfield Behavioral Healthcare Hospital staff and members of the Bakersfield substance abuse treatment community came out to show their support, and Robin McGeough and his team shared their riding experience with the crowd on Wednesday afternoon.  Fifteen days into their incentive of riding 1,143 miles from Portland, Oregon to Covina, three cyclists with Run4Recovery made their stop in Bakersfield on Wednesday afternoon to rousing support from representatives of the local substance abuse treatment community. Run4Recovery raises thousands of dollars annually which fund scholarships for recovery home housing and other services for recovering men and women most vulnerable to relapse.

The cyclists arrived at Bakersfield Behavioral Healthcare Hospital to homemade signs, cheers and support from a large group of hospital employees, addiction treatment professionals and individuals in recovery. Now in its 13th year, the nonprofit founder Robin McGeough said the sight of support upon their arrival made an emotional impact on him. “It’s so touching to see all of the people and the balloons and cheering (when we arrived),” McGeough said. Now 28 years into sobriety, McGeough said he has been looking to help give back to the community that helped him reach this point. Thirteen years ago, he made a bet that he would run 20 miles per day for 10 days in a row in order to raise $1,000 for the substance abuse treatment community.

Bakersfield Behavioral Healthcare Hospital has so far raised $2,300 towards McGeough’s $100,000 goal, which currently is at $94,000 total according to Cornelio Gutierrez-Lozano, Community Liaison for the hospital. All of the money raised goes directly to the Puente House Foundation in Covina — where the ride is scheduled to finish — and that money will be directed back to benefit local recovery centers.

Sara Gonsolus has been three-months sober and has received treatment at local Amethyst Sober Living, a women’s sober living center. She said that scholarships like the one she received have saved her life.  “I was within a couple of days of having to move (out of the Amethyst Sober Living) and I was told that (a scholarship) would pay half of the rent for me and I cried tears of joy and it literally saved my life,” said Gonsolus.

Magda Broekere, the founder of Amethyst Sober Living, learned about Run4Recovery through her network in the recovery community and wants to continue supporting other life-changing opportunities for other recovering addicts. Lindsey Crowley, an admitted recovering alcoholic and one of the cyclists, said the reception they received upon arrival stood out because other towns they’ve stopped in haven't been as enthusiastic.  “Now I only want to come into Bakersfield,” Crowley said. “It’s awesome. It was really cool and heartwarming.”   McGeough explained that it was so cold in Portland when they departed on Oct. 7 that they weren’t sure how they would endure the entire trek. However, the landscapes and climate have shifted immensely as the group travels about 60 to 80 miles a day. “The challenges really began when we got to those long stretches in the desert — especially in the China Lake area which was daunting — and some of the Sierra Nevada areas,” McGeough said. “We sort of plotted our trip through some of the challenging areas.” The trio is spending the night in Bakersfield and then departing for their next stop in Palmdale on Thursday morning. They plan to arrive in Covina on Oct. 24. 

Run4Recovery Arrives in Reno

October 15

Run4Recovery at Reno Behavioral Healthcare HospitalRobin, Lindsey and Fuji are all feeling pretty tired on this, day 9 of their 1124-mile Run4Recovery! This is the longest ride any of them have attempted, and they are pushing themselves hard to power through the muscle fatigue. After Robin’s ElliptiGO bike was repaired in Eugene, OR, the team made up for the lost time and arrived right on schedule in Reno yesterday afternoon. Robin says it was a “beautiful reception” at our sister facility Reno Behavioral Healthcare Hospital, including folks from the local Chamber of Commerce, hospital staff, and local TV!
Here’s the link to the TV news clip:
Tomorrow the team is scheduled to cross back over the Nevada border to California, with 6 more days to trek 400 miles and arrive on Wednesday October 21 at our sister hospital in Bakersfield. 
Then we will be welcoming Robin, Lindsey and Fuji back to Covina at 9 a.m. on Saturday, October 24!
Run4Recovery has now raised $88,662 – that’s over 250 scholarships that will be available for men and women needing a safe and sober living environment. 
Don’t forget our online auction will close at midnight on Friday, so there’s still time for you to get your bids in!


They Are on Their Way! 

October 9, 2020

Robin, Lindsey and Fuji had a great sendoff Wednesday morning in Portland at Sober Living Oregon, but this morning they were stuck in Eugene, waiting for bike repairs.  The back tire on Robin’s ElliptiGo bike got a stress fracture.  Once repairs are made, they hope to make up for the lost time and get back on schedule.   Robin sounded in good spirits and said he’ll walk if he has to because that’s how important Run4Recovery is to him.  They plan to make it to our sister hospital in Reno next Wednesday, October 14.   

Big news: Run4Recovery just received a $50K donation from an organization that wishes to remain anonymous – wow!  Add $50K to the $35K that Charter Oak, our sister hospitals, and Puente House already raised and we are much closer to meeting the $100,000 fundraising goal we set for this year!  

Lots of our supporters have bought Run4Recovery t-shirts (we still have more for sale!) and helped our fundraiser in other ways – many thanks!  Did you know that all funds that we raise go to scholarships for our patients who need a safe place to go when they leave Charter Oak on their road to recovery?

Don’t forget to check out the Run4Recovery online auction, now thru next Friday at midnight.  Special thanks to many of our employees and friends who donated items for the auction.  Please help spread the word and share the Run4Recovery link with your friends and family:  --- the auction link is right at the top.

You can follow the Run4Recovery crew on their 1124-mile trek from Portland to Covina, and see more pics and video clips, on both Lindsey Crowley’s Facebook page and Robin McGeough’s Facebook page:

Thanks everyone for supporting Run4Recovery!

More About Run4Recovery 2020

Aurora Charter Oak Hospital's annual fundraiser, to benefit our patients who need a sober living environment, is Run4Recovery. This year we are thrilled that three of our sister facilities joined Run4Recovery to raise funds for individuals in their local communities: Reno Behavioral Healthcare HospitalBakersfield Behavioral Healthcare Hospital, and Las Encinas Hospital.

To make a donation, go to

For more information about Run4Recovery, contact:

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