Frequently Asked Questions

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How do I refer myself or someone I care about for treatment?

If you, a friend, or someone you love thinks you might be struggling with an emotional or substance abuse problem, or someone you care about is struggling with a behavioral health problem, help is just a phone call away. Please call our Assessment Center at 877-674-7781 to speak with one of our trained staff members. We will provide you with information and options about the next step to take, which may include a free and confidential assessment at our facility.

What is the hospital like? What is your Recovery Center like?

Aurora Charter Oak Hospital and the Charter Oak Recovery Center are both located in a quiet residential area of Covina, California on 10 acres of beautifully maintained grounds. The San Gabriel Mountains provide a scenic backdrop to our campus, which is a quiet and peaceful therapeutic setting. First-time visitors are often surprised at the "non-institutional" appearance of Aurora Charter Oak. Individuals who are admitted to our hospital stay in one of eight different inpatient units. Adolescents (ages 13-17) are treated separately from adults. The average length-of-stay at Aurora Charter Oak Hospital is 5-7 days, but each individual's treatment is unique and length of time in the hospital varies. Many individuals receive treatment in the hospital, then decide to continue treatment at the Charter Oak Recovery Center, or by attending one of our outpatient programs.   Aurora Charter Oak - relaxation picnic area

The Charter Oak Recovery Center is located in its own building and contains 12 private rooms. This is where individuals who have completed drug or alcohol detox can continue receiving treatment (often referred to as "rehab") for chemical dependency. Most individuals stay 2-4 weeks in our Residental Treatment Center, before returning home or to a sober living environment

What should I bring if I am coming to be admitted?

We usually tell people to bring the clothes they would bring on a three-day trip. Certain items cannot be kept in patient rooms and need to be checked out for use. Please bring a list of current medications or medication bottles so that we have the correct information about your prescriptions.

Do you take Medicare? What about other health insurance plans?

Yes, we are a Medicare provider. We are also contracted with Medi-Cal, Blue Cross, United Health, Kaiser and most other major health insurance plans. For individuals without insurance, our business office will work with you to make financial arrangements.  

Do you detox patients "cold turkey" or with medication?

We use medication protocols for patients that need to go through detoxification. We try to make detox as comfortable as possible using antianxiety medications that are not addictive, such as Librium or Phenobarbital.

Can I have visitors and phone calls?

Prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, we encouraged visitors.  However, to protect the safety of our patients and staff, visitation is currently restricted. Patients can be reached by phone and we are conducting video meetings.  We plan to resume in-person visiting hours when public health restrictions, guidelines and recommendations change.  To protect patient privacy and maintain confidentiality, we provide each patient with an ID code to give to family, friends, or other individuals who want to call.

Do you allow smoking?

Aurora Charter Oak does permit adults to smoke, but only in designated areas. Starting June 9, 2016, the State of California raised the legal age for buying tobacco from 18 to 21 years of age. Aurora Charter Oak employees are not permitted by California law to sell, give, or furnish any tobacco products to patients who are under 21 years of age.